Colorado River

Laughlin Launch Ramp

The newly Laughlin Launch Ramp is strategically located between the Laughlin Bridge and Riverside Hotel in the Riverside parking lot. And since we are the ONLY rental company using this ramp, you’ll find it quite convenient.
Do not forget that you’ll have access to the new bathroom facility located at Laughlin launch ramp.

Davis Camp

Are you seeking to have an action-filled weekend on the Colorado River? Or maybe you need a place you can relax under the palm trees as you enjoy some warm breeze?
Well, Davis Camp has all this and much more. Whether you need to catch some watercraft fun, camping, or you are an RV enthusiast, Davis Camp has it all.

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And if you love gambling at the casino, there is one a half mile away in Laughlin Nevada.
Here at Laughlin Rentals, we provide exceptional services whether you are alone or a group. And since our law enforcement staff live on the premises, you’ll enjoy endless fun with zero risks to your security.

Lazy Haris

Ever thought of having lunch at a food stop by the river? Well, going to Lazy Haris will give you this and so much more.
Here, you’ll simply grab a table and enjoy some nice meal overlooking the river and the skis.
Remember, do not drink while boating for your safety.
Have Fun!

The Avi Casino

Owned by the local Indians, Avi Casino is located 16 miles from the Community Park and 9 miles from the Rotary Park. Here, you can access the only fuel station which is just next to the dock by the lagoon.

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It is important to note that our Jet Skis cannot go beyond the bridge that crosses the river at the Avi. If you go beyond this point, you’ll pay a $150 pickup charge and any repairs on the Jet Ski.

If you don’t mind the $150 pick-up charge, you can ride up to Pirate Cove or Topock Gorge at your own risk.

Pirate Cove

Pirate Cove is about 40 miles from the Community Launch Ramp. 7 miles past Pirate Cove, you’ll find the Topock Gorge.
Better still you’ll enjoy access to numerous amenities in this Disneyland-like location including:

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  • Bar & Restaurant
  • Fuel Station
  • Gift Shop
  • Boat Slips
  • Pirate Ships
  • White Sand Beaches

Remember you cannot take any of the Jet Ski rentals from Laughlin Rentals beyond this point.

Topock Gorge

This is where it gets even better! Despite being only 5 miles long, Topock Gorge has some of the finest coves and rock formations along the Colorado River.

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Remember also that you’ll need a car to tow the Jet Ski once you rent it from us. And since you can use the overnight campsite or rent a bungalow, you can enjoy our 3 days Jet Ski rentals.
If you need more information about our 3 day Jet Ski rental, please give us a call or send a message.